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You want to buy from a trusted independent agent who can get you

  • The life insurance coverage you need,
  • To insure only those risks you can’t afford to accept,
  • For the minimum time required,
  • From reputable insurers,
  • At the best possible rate.


Have you been considering purchasing life insurance, but just not gotten around to it?  The first step to making that choice is figuring out how much life insurance you really need.

A frightening reality persists. Three out of 10 Americans don’t feel they have enough life insurance coverage.

Most employers will offer you coverage equal to one to two times your annual salary.  Are you sure that’s enough? The major problem with employer-sponsored life insurance is most companies simply don’t offer enough. Is your life insurance lacking? Probably.

When taking out life insurance or supplementing what you have, the preferable amount of coverage differs depending on your family structure, your income, your assets, and in some cases, the requirements for benefit payments differ between insurers. H2M Insurance Group simplifies your understanding of life insurance products, making comparisons, and selecting the product you should purchase.

Knowing the exact amount can be tricky, but our life insurance calculator can help you find the right life insurance coverage amount for your loved ones.  The calculator offers the convenience of customization, using personalized inputs to provide you with a foundation for choosing the right policy at the best possible rate. With this tool, you can:

  • Evaluate your protection goals
  • Estimate the coverage you need
  • Instantly compare and select policies from reputable insurers that will safeguard your family’s future

Coverage isn’t as expensive as you think. A great way to determine this is by learning all the benefits it offers.  Premiums for life insurance are typically lower than for other forms of insurance and are often less expensive than your monthly bills for cable or cellphones. A large majority of our term policies written have premiums of under $100 per month, and for some people it’s even possible to buy adequate coverage for under $50 a month.

Provide us with basic non-identifiable information. No name, no email, no address, no phone like the other quoting websites. Just get rates instantly that you can compare.

Select the one you want and let the friendly agents at H2M Insurance Group help you determine what those benefits are, if you have any questions.

The fact is, purchasing insurance on your own may leave you excluded. This is because on individual policies there are some medical conditions that would exclude you from receiving coverage. Securing your life insurance needs doesn’t have to be burdensome or expensive.

Let the professional H2M insurance agents review your policy quarterly with you, walk you through your annual statement, untangle premium payment issues and interpret the fine print for you.

Don’t wait to get the insurance coverage that you want and deserve.  Doing so can ensure that you are able to secure the life insurance coverage you need.

If you want to know more about this life insurance coverage and what it has to offer you, feel free to contact Amanda and her Life Team at (844) 671-9136 OR just find out for yourself and get instant rate quotes.